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A Women's Afternoon Retreat

Saturday 25th November 2023 / 16:00-19:00pm
at TheYogaSpaceLondon, Woolwich

In our modern world, as we arrive to the last month of the year, we get pulled into the rush of holiday madness that leads into already starting January feeling behind and pressuring oneself to have goals figured out in the first week or two.


What if we did things a little bit different this year?


What about finishing the year feeling soft, my friends?

Join me for an afternoon of soothing yin, nourishing essential oils, journaling & self-reflection and cacao followed by delicious yogi tea and cakes from award-winning bakery Arapina.

Slow Down the Pace

Soothe your Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

Choose a Sustainable Rhythm to Complete 2023

 "Give yourself the gift of pausing before completing the year. You deserve and need this space."

Let's close this year together, feeling peaceful, heart opened, soul attuned, ready to unfold into even more of the greatness of who we are in the new year. It's been another intense year. Pausing in this way brings purpose, meaning and insight for our times. See you there!

What to Expect:

A wide variety of women come to practice with me - all different backgrounds, ages, careers, stages in life.

In-person gatherings is where our power lies.


Women need community, connection, and sisterhood.

We'll come together to honour this powerful time of the year through soft and gentle movement, a cacao ceremony, conscious rest, and gathering in community.

We will have an extended 2 hour 15 min Women's Circle followed by a relaxing time around the sofas with Yogi Tea and cakes from award-winning bakery Arapina.


Testimonials from beautiful sisters

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Captura de pantalla 2022-03-23 a las 17.09.23.png
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Saturday 25th November 2023

16:00-19:00 pm

Where: The Yoga Space London, Woolwich

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