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I invite you to join me for days filled with knowledge, learning and just being. Allow yourself to take a break to detox your mind and body.


Inhale deeply and reconnect with your inner strength, to reset and recharge your body, heart, mind and soul and re-awake your inner guide system

Reclaim your power now!

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“Going on a retreat with Patricia was everything that I didn’t know I needed”


Patricia work tirelessly to bring together a truly exceptional and affirming experience. The retreat came together in such a synchronous and harmonious way, that it left all of us - who started as strangers - feeling connected, peaceful, and like we had known each other forever.


I returned home with a renewed sense of motivation to take on life's challenges with grace and a smile.


I thank Patricia for creating such a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend her retreats for anyone looking for guidance, rest, peace, and fun.

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Women's Circles London

Get CENTERED, CALM & CLEAR, so you can elevate above the swirl, focus on what matters, & receive what you need.

When you come to one of my circles expect a warm, welcoming, womb-like and tent-like environment, where you are welcomed to be exactly who you are, to come as you are, to be seen, held and witnessed.


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Winter Rest - A women's Afternoon RETREAT


Saturday 25th November 2023 /16:00-19:00


Lanzarote Retreat


Disconnect to Reconnect

3rd - 8th May 2024

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Ibiza Retreat


Relax to Recharge

20th - 27th July 2024

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What People Say

Patricia is just fabulous! She brings peace and joy to the practice with her relaxed but at the same time inspirational approach.
Patricia has such a rhythmical and fluid voice that gives the yoga practices a lovely flow. I felt so relaxed after but energised at the same time! Thanks so much for such an amazing Yoga.
Patricia is very attentive to the participants levels and needs. She is really encouraging.
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