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Yoga retreats in Spain to relax and disconnect from your everyday life

Are you ready to unplug from all that you’ve been doing, connect to your heart, and realign with what truly matters?

In our busy lives, it's easy to burn the candle at both ends - running on empty while taking care of everyone and everything else. 

But you can't pour from an empty cup. 

When your reserves run low, your resilience and passion drain away.


But when your cup is full, you have more energy, creativity, and joy to share. 

You're able to tackle challenges with renewed purpose and handle stress with much ease.

My intention is to offer you a sanctuary, a pause button amid life's hustle, where you can replenish, rediscover, and realign with your authentic self. As a fellow traveler on the path of balancing ambition and well-being, I understand the toll our busy lives can take on our inner reserves. I want to awaken your deepest hearts desires and help you gain clarity on the path ahead so that when you return home, you are able to pour from an abundant and over flowering cup.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation

Fill your life with less pressure and more pleasure


and make choices & set goals that lead to sustainable success and a whole life?

If you have been looking for a sign...let this be your one!

Patricia Zafra yoga teacher and yoga retreats host in the UK and Spain

Only we have the power to decide how we want to experience the rest of our lives...

And my wish is to experience  unforgettable adventures with you.

What's on the horizon?

Welcome to Sunkiss Yoga Retreats

A dream come true. Welcome to a community of yogis ready to venture the world and become free. Free from life's demands, expectations & self-induced pressure.

If you feel burnout with daily life and overwhelmed with the to-do’s of life, I am here for you. My retreats are more than a getaway; they are transformative experiences tailored for busy professionals and creatives like you. Through intentional yoga practices, mindfulness, community and fun, I aim to fill your cup, reigniting your passion and creativity.

SunKiss Retreats is created with the desire to offer consciously crafted, life-changing adventures designed to invigorate your being and create memories to last a lifetime!

“Going on a retreat with Patricia was everything that I didn’t know I needed”


Patricia work tirelessly to bring together a truly exceptional and affirming experience. The retreat came together in such a synchronous and harmonious way, that it left all of us - who started as strangers - feeling connected, peaceful, and like we had known each other forever.


I returned home with a renewed sense of motivation to take on life's challenges with grace and a smile.


I thank Patricia for creating such a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend her retreats for anyone looking for guidance, rest, peace, and fun.

Yoga holidays in Spain. Swimming in the mediterranean sea

Are these retreats for me?

If you are looking for a vegan-only, stay-by-the-hotel-pool kind of trip with a million chaturangas, I am not the person for you (and that’s totally okay, although don't worry because we do cater all dietary requirements).

If you are however looking for a well balanced, carefully curated, authentic wellness experience, then I am your person.

Women's Yoga Retreats in the UK. The healing power of nature

What to expect?

Picture this: A serene escape, a haven where the soothing sounds of nature replace the constant hum of everyday demands. A space designed for you to unplug from the noise, reconnect to your heart, and emerge with a newfound sense of purpose.

My retreats include a mix of wellness activities depending on the location you choose.

You can expect yoga, meditation, cacao ceremonies, essential oils, sound baths, journaling and self-reflection, but you can also expect...

Amazing yoga holidays in Lanzarote. On our adventure day we will  visit  el golfo

Breathtaking locations, off-track excursions, fun, joy, connection, community, transformation and a dose of adventure. 

We eat well & drink well too!

Every retreat includes essential time to rest, reflect and soak up your experience.

I love creating these adventures for you!


The Intention Behind the 3 Pillars

Women's Yoga Retreats in the UK


Come Into the Body. Explore. Be Curious. Personal Power. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Energetic. Boundaries. Deep Awareness. Fully Embodied. Transformation. Enlightenment

Relaxing practices with Essential Oils


Slow Down, Feel, Reflect, Align with your True Desires. Gain Clarity on the Path Ahead. Lunar Living. Intention Setting

Women's Yoga Retreats in nature


Awaken the Senses. Explore. Experience. Get Nourished. Have Fun. Learn. Discover. Receive. Enjoy. Live

Yoga adventures in Spain

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Testimonials From Our Attendees:

What's on the horizon?

Practicing yoga in front of the mediterranean sea

Sign up for our Newsletter and get £75 off your next retreat

Never miss out! I send out short and sweet updates every month, launching new retreats and sharing news and resources.

Testimonials From Our Attendees:

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