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How I Can Help

Receive The Support You Need To Thrive


Women's Circles

A women's circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen.


I am so honoured to share this beautiful experience with you. Witness this strong, yet soft, community of women.


Yoga Retreats

I am blessed with the opportunity to touch thousands of lives through my Yoga Retreats. If you are looking for an experience to Relax, Recharge & Rest to Receive...I am here for you!

Take a closer look at what Power Purpose Adventure Retreats have to offer for you.

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Patricia Zafra

My Story

After graduating from one of the most renowned Institutions in the UK, a life with an unsustainable stress-cycle hit me right in the face. 


After years of keeping up the pace of working ten-plus hours a day; draining my savings to keep it all going and juggling my career, my various jobs, my relationship and my own health, I was depleted. And even worse I was defeated. I was not having the impact I desired.


I wasn't being nourished by working this way, nor was I being sustained financially.

I believed if I just worked harder, I could make it all happen, and something would change. But it didnt.


I was bankrupt inside.


There is often a tipping point or a triggering moment that makes a woman say “NO MORE”. For me, ending in a hospital bed. I had suffered an asthma attack, a symptom I hadn't had since I was a child.

The Problem? Stress and Anxiety 

My Reality? I was harming myself by how much pressure I was putting on my own body and how intense and critical I was being with myself.

I remember being there sat at the hospital bed thinking: “Not now, I have no time to waste, there is still so much I have to do this week”

Like a brick of self-honesty, it hit me. What the hell I was thinking about!

The day I chose a softer way of being, I realigned with my true purpose: to be a source of peace and liberation. That's when my Inner Guide whispered: “go for it!"

So, I trusted her and followed my heart to Rishikesh in India, where I became a yoga teacher.

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