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New Year Urban Retreat

Saturday 27th January 2024 / 13:30-19:30


At Moreyoga Greenwich Creekside & Arapina Bakery, Deptford

🎟️ Exclusive Early Bird Pricing:

(LAST 2)


Embrace the art of emerging instead of rushing into the new year! 

Don't do what the world around you is doing… treating Jan 1st like it's the start of it all. 


No Resolutions. No Vision Boards. TRUST ME.

The entire month of January is for dreaming, visioning, tuning in and getting focused on what matters. 


By slowing down at the start, we ensure a smoother flow throughout the year. This is the art of EMERGING instead of, hitting the ground running and falling back into old patterns once again.

My Invitation?


Here is a glimpse of what awaits you 🌟

Patri Yoga-9.jpg

🌀💫 ETHER Mandala: A 75min vinyasa practice where the four elements will come together to create an energy activation experience to align body, mind, heart and spirit for our Emerge manifestations. 

🌿📖 A 90min Yin with Journaling & Manifestation Session: Sink into relaxation with a bolster and the soothing scents of essential oils. Reflect, journal, and create space for self-discovery while wrapped up with a blanket. 

🚶‍♀️🌳 Nourishing Walk: Connect with nature in the heart of the city. A 75min leisurely stroll through Greenwich Park and the River Thames offers a perfect blend of urban energy and natural serenity. Breathe and let those manifestations sink in your whole body.

🍽️ Dinner at Arapina: And to complete, I am so happy to collaborate once more with award-winning Arapina. This time, we will head to Arapina’s home to enjoy an exciting feast cooked for us all. (Vegan Diner made with LOVE)

Ready to embrace the art of emerging?

🎟️ Exclusive Early Bird Pricing:

(Last 2)



(Once early bird has sold out)




Moreyoga Greenwich Creekside Studio

Unit 4, 2 Copperas Street, London SE8 3FB

Arapina Greenwich Bakery

8 Little Thames Walk, SE8 3FB, London, UK

What to Bring:

At the studio we have yoga mats, bolsters, blankets and blocks.


Please bring a notebook and pen and wear comfortable clothing.

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